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Decking Installation

The installation can be carried out by a DIY enthusiast or carpenter with no specialist tools required.

Decks can be installed using the same tools that you would you use for fitting any timber deck, including:

  • Tape Measure

  • Electric Saw

  • Level

  • Square

  • Cordless Drill

  • Building Line

  • Safety Goggles

For instructions on installing a new deck onto a concrete slab please watch the video below.

For the installation of replacing boards on an existing decking you will need to verify the condition of the substructure. Additional joists will need to be fitted where two boards butt together to enable the fixing of two fasteners.


The manufacturer’s recommended joist spacings are as follows:

For decking boards being fitted at 90 degree angles to the joists, the maximum spacing of joists is 350mm.

For decking boards fitted diagonally across the joists, the maximum spacing of joists is 250mm.

After the installation we recommend the deck be brushed with a medium bristle broom and hosed down. 

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