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Co-Extrusion Composite Fencing Boards

Elevate your outdoor living environment with our modern co-extrusion composite fencing. Complete with a natural wood effect finish and available in 3 stylish colours - Charcoal, Cedar and  Silver Grey, our fencing is a sleek alternative to traditional wooden fencing. This low-maintenace and easy to clean fencing is long lasting, with a 15 year limited residential warranty.

Our co-extrusion composite fencing board is made from recycled eco-friendly wood and plastic composite materials. These comprise of 60% wood/bamboo fibre, 30% HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and 10% additives including tints and bonding agents.


Compared to an ordinary WPC fencing board, a co-extrusion composite fencing board has an additional polymer cover protective wrap which provides the board with more wear-resistance from scratches, stains, UV rays, weather elements and cracking.

Dimensions: 1.83 metre lengths, 160mm x 20mm.

Code: WPC906-1


  • Environmentally friendly- made from recycled materials which can be recycled at end of use to save from landfill.

  • Low maintenance- no periodic repairs, painting or staining required.

  • 15 year residential warranty with expected lifespan of over 20 years.

  • Easy to clean with a brush or power hose.

  • Wood effect look in 3 colours.

  • Additional co-extrusion protective layer. 

  • Very little colour loss due to UV rays and looks good for longer.

  • Zero rot or fungal decay due to low-absorption rate.

  • Simple, tongue and groove installation method.

  • Designed to be easy to fit with basic tools used by carpenters & DIY enthusiasts.

€14.67 (incl. VAT) per board

Samples available upon request.

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