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Contemporary Style Composite Decking

Enhance your outdoor living environment with our attractive, sustainable, high-quality composite decking. Long lasting, with a 15 year limited residential warranty this low-maintenance, splinter-free and high-friction decking can be enjoyed year after year.

Our WPC decking is made from recycled eco-friendly wood and plastic composite materials. These comprise of 60% wood/bamboo fibre, 30% HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and 10% additives including tints and bonding agents.


Available in Charcoal and Grey our decking boards have a different finish on each side. This gives the option to create a contrast when building step risers, planters or picture frame layouts etc. using the embossed print wood-effect side. This side is not designed for long-term foot traffic and does not have a friction rating.

Dimensions: 3.6 metre lengths, 150mm x 25mm.

Code: WPC001T


  • Environmentally friendly- made from recycled materials which can be recycled at end of use to save from landfill.

  • Low maintenance- no periodic repairs or staining required.

  • 15 year warranty with expected lifespan of over 20 years.

  • Easy to clean with a brush or power hose.

  • Splinter-free, comfortable and safe on bare feet.

  • High-friction when walked on in wet conditions.

  • Boards with 2 different finishes: small-groove deck and wood effect.

  • Very little colour loss due to UV rays and looks good for longer.

  • Zero rot or fungal decay due to low-absorption rate.

  • Lightweight honeycomb construction.

  • Stainless steel hidden fixings.

  • Designed to be easy to fit with basic tools used by carpenters & DIY enthusiasts.

€28.47 (incl. VAT) per board

Cleaning & Maintenance

We recommend the deck be swept clear of debris, leaves, twigs etc. on a weekly basis.

The deck can be cleaned by a pressure-washer on a low spray setting with a composite decking cleaning product or using a medium bristle deck scrub broom with hot water and washing-up liquid, then cleaned off with water hose or pressure-washer on a low spray setting.

We recommend you carry out this cleaning twice yearly in the Autumn and Spring.

Trim Composite Decking Accessory by WPC Supplies


Homepage Deck 310x200- Corner Trim.jpg

Corner Trim

310x200- Steps.jpg


Homepage Deck 310x200- Starter Clip v2.j

Starter Clip

Homepage Deck 310x200- Fastener v2.jpg


Spacer Composite Decking Accessory by WPC Supplies

Fastener / Spacer

Homepage Deck 310x200- Joist v2.jpg


Homepage Deck 310x200- Pedestal.jpg


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